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Mom UV Motel Keychain

Mom UV Motel Keychain

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UVDTF Motel Keychain Transfer. Pack of 2. Sized at 1.28"x2.09" per image

These are waterproof and permanent! Just peel and stick, no heat press needed and definitely no weeding required. 


Peel decal off the clear film backing.

Line the film onto the cup and stick the decal to the keychain starting on one side and making your way around the decal pressing it down as you go. SLOWLY! I promise if you take your time and have patience it will pay off. Once it's applied it can't be removed, the adhesive is VERY strong and permanent. 

Using a squeegee or something flat (even a credit card or something like that will work), rub the print really well to make sure there is no air bubbles and so that the decal adheres properly. The more rubbing the better!

Lastly, peel off the clear film and you're done! 

**Please hand wash only just to be safe. They are not really recommended for the dishwasher and do not put in the microwave.**


We are NOT responsible for user error when applying the wraps, damage to the wrap when applying incorrectly, or damage from washing incorrectly. 

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