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Dirt and Diamonds Screen Print Transfer

Dirt and Diamonds Screen Print Transfer

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•Temperature: 325 degrees 
•Pressure: HEAVY
•Time: 7 seconds 
•Hot Peel

Our single color varsity plastisol screen print transfers are a super soft, next to nothing feel. These work best on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or a cotton/poly blend fabric.  

You are purchasing a transfer, not a finished Tee shirt. These must be pressed with a heat press. A cricut easy press or iron will not work. Prepress shirt to smooth wrinkles and get any moisture out. Don’t use a Teflon sheet or anything over the print. Immediately after pressing peel the transfer paper away at a diagonal. 

We are not responsible for user error. Every press is different so be sure to test out the time/temperature/pressure that works best for you! I recommend getting a temperature gun to really see the accurate temp that your press runs at. 

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