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Somebody's Problem Hat DTF/Sub Transfer

Somebody's Problem Hat DTF/Sub Transfer

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Get ready for summer time with the cutest hat transfers!

Choose from the type of transfer that you would like put on the hat.

Sized approx. 3.5"-4.5" across.

Sublimation will not crack/peel/fade, and is transferred directly into the fibers of the polyester creating a zero feel when touched. Sublimation ONLY adheres to polyester using heat, so be sure to use a hat with a very high count of polyester so it's very vibrant and shows nicely. 385 degrees for 45 seconds.

DTF-Direct To Film, will also not crack/peel/or fade. It is soft and smooth but will have a light handed touch that you will be able to feel if you run your fingers over the top of the design. 310 degrees for 10 seconds. Peel cold, repress with teflon or butcher paper over the top for another 10 seconds.

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